Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wish for all ‘Wyndford’ Kids….

As you start your school, or varsity year we would give you the ZIP CLIP STEP lesson from us here at Wyndford.
May you always approached anything new with the same courage as you did on the Zip line.. Scary as you sit on the high platform not knowing what it is going to be like!  Letting go, then flying free and…actually enjoying it after all, knowing that George is there to catch you at the other end, and your folks cheering you all the way.

Sometimes new things are scary! When you are short enough to fit under the belly of Maluti or Dusty, it is hard to get up into the saddle.  Then, with a little help from Joseph you are up and clipping off down the road. So taking the first ride is the hardest and one day you will come and ride alone and free.

Then there is the Chin of the Tortoise… how big that mountain seems, when along with Jaco and Dozy you look up!  Remember, the way to get to the top of any mountain is by taking one step at a time.  Don’t worry about how far or high it is, one foot in front of the other is the way to go.  Then you will reach the top and all the things you though were too big actually seem quite small.

Remember… Zip Clip Step!  Have a wonderful year…

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Welcome to Wyndford 2014

The thing about having such wonderful guests, is that when they leave it feels like saying goodbye to family! We have enjoyed our season with everyone over Christmas and New Year.  Despite the sometimes unpredictable weather, we have managed one tubing session down the Caledon, a couple of trips for sundowners at the river crossing, and many walks (well not me personally…) of varying lengths, durations and speed!

We did suggest to Roland that he would need a larger fishing rod to catch a cow….
The horse team spent most mornings clipping up the drive to the accompanying chatter of small people and clicking cameras – a great way to exercise the parents!  The new jumping castle was a hit with the kids, and in combination with Jaco, kept little (and not so little) people occupied – and cool – in the pool.

Christmas day saw Father Christmas, escorted by Buster and an Elf (of sorts), arrive after tea and a wonderful ‘Mrs Callister’ Christmas Cake! We then migrated to the pool area for a Christmas buffet in glorious weather.  Old Year’s Eve saw all Knights and Ladies, would be Robin Hood’s and Maid Marion’s arrive, suitably clad… oh and the odd (did I say odd..) Friar Tuck or two.  We had fun (bows and arrows drawn, sack races, apple bobbing to name a few) as well as some clan wars!  After feasting on roasted pig and honey glazed prime rib we packed up the old year and welcomed the first morning in with a leisurely picnic breakfast in the Summerhouse.

The Wyndford Team as you have never seen them before….
There were those who chose to hibernate with a (hopefully) good book, snooze under the willow tree or enjoy a sociable game of bowls, and then more energetic who cycled round the mountain and then some!  One is reminded of the song sung by Denzl and Hensie of Rooibaardt fame - the Bare Necessities… the simple things in life. A little girl dances uninhibitedly across the lawn as we enjoy music in the garden as the sun sets. 

As the sun sets on this season, we look forward in anticipation of welcoming you once again to Wyndford during 2014.