Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas availability

We have late cancellations for 23 - 28 December for two family rooms. 5 night stay - father Christmas has our address! Call the office 058 2230274 or email

Sunday, November 11, 2012

the plants are sighing..

We are having the most wonderful rain. I know that large parts of the country have had a little too much and too hard, but we are about 300mm below our annual rainfall so, one can almost hear the plants sighing in delight!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October news

We have beautiful clear skies as I write this, which is fantastic, as we have a Star Gazing weekend in full swing. Last time we thought we were safe, planning it in the middle of winter, but alas, it poured unseasonal buckets!

In the space of two months we have gone from being under a blanket of snow to being sprung! Wonderful to see everything green and blossoming again. The fruit trees are full of little kernels, giving the prospect of a good jam session later in the year. The roses are starting to bloom, the snowball bush is in full swing and the peonies are looking hopeful. Not only the garden that has sprung! ‘M’ has a new coat of pitch black feathers – she’s gone from being a bald emu to a black backed emu. Sebastian was also sprung, arriving safely on the 8th of October to a proud Celvin, Angelique and Cassidy. Behaving impeccably, sleeping and eating well – and in looks - a Celvin mini-me!

Wyndford the cat, was also sprung, although he was hoping no-one was watching! Seconds after the picture was taken he slid ignominiously off the bakkie, muttering about Toyota’s and rounded roofs.

The spinach, carrots and vegetable garden in general, is flourishing and great to be able to use our own fresh produce again after a long winter. We are as yet undecided about whether to plant pumpkins again….

The bowling green is, once again green and improving daily. With so little rain around it has been slow but looking like it will be smooth rolling in time for the Wyndford Bowls Tournament next month.

Join us from the 2nd – 4th November for our Walking with Wildflowers weekend. Prof Ashley Nicholas from Natal will be enlightening us on the wonderful wild flowers growing on Wyndford. Flowers, walks, talks, fresh air, great food…. Give the girls in the office a call now! If you know someone who would enjoy this pass the email along… an opportunity not to be missed.

As the year starts pulling the covers over its head, we wish all ‘Wyndford’ students well with your exams and remember holidays are just around the corner! We hope to see you then…

Congratulations to Marie-Louise Koekemoer you are our monthly draw winner for October!

Greetings from us all, the Wyndford Team

Friday, September 21, 2012

Road Check

Two hiccups with the roads : from Durban it is best to stay on the N3 to Harrismith up van Reenen's pass as Oliviershoek pass is rough.
If you are coming from Joburg please note that the Engen Garage at Villiers on the Southbound road is under construction.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ok, so it's back to boots and beanies...

Well, it would appear our little glimpse of Spring was just that, little! Snow on the mountains again this week and 14mm rain, which we were very happy to have - maybe our bowling brown will soon be a bowling green! Remember the long weekend at the end of September (3 night minimum stay) and the stargazing weekend.  Also, still availability for the first week of the school holidays and the cherry festival, but don't leave it to the last minute or you might be disappointed.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Good bye boots hello sandals

Well, the end of August seems to have arrived with a rush - Spring has definately sprung, fuit trees in blossom, daffodils and snowdrops waving in the breeze.  We have just had the quickest passing rain shower on record....even the hardedahs are looking perplexed.   School holidays coming up soon so don't get left the girls inthe office to book now! 058 223 0274

Monday, August 13, 2012

August news

I decided to sit outside – what are laptops for after all?... and enjoy the simply amazing weather and scenery while I write to you. We have had a wonderful week of changing weather from spectacular warm sunny days to 10cm snow and this morning minus 6 and painted by Jack Frost. My snowman is resolutely hanging on, all six inches of him, before he also melts into a puddle. But wonderful, puddles all this snow does make in our countryside. We have been so dry that cracked lips and exceedingly static hair makes us all into bright sparks! (Little Benjamen below is a great example.)

It is wonderful also for the garden to have this little boost of moisture and nutrients right before Spring. Pruning starts in earnest now, both for roses and fruit trees and the bowling green gets it’s annual makeover. We will however have to restore the netting in the veggie patch which sagged due to the weight of the snow.

All the animals coped well with the snow and even hibernating Charlotte survived a 5 hour power outage. A quick tap on the shell and responding hiss means there’s still life in there! The geese get the award for the whitest jackets. The three white horses don’t look quite so white when planted in the snow, although Ponty was quite sure no-one could see him!

In answer to the question as to whether we still served tea in the ‘Summerhouse’…anyone serving tea inside with about 5 dozen soggy people ( might I add that there were only about 48 students…) would fit into the ‘nut’s category. George and I were the only ones to remain unscathed by the flying snow balls, oh, and of course Angelique who stood in the midst of the melee protected by shouts of ‘don’t hit the pregnant lady!’ Cassidy had great fun until she became the perfect Rudolf after drawing on the frozen tennis court with her nose. Dozy enjoyed having the students here for the math’s camp – he even learnt how to catch snowballs (adding is still alluding him though..)

See more of the fun and beauty by visiting the blog on the website and click on the link to our facebook page.

As I type, cars are rolling down the drive to reception to check in for the long weekend. Sorry to all those who we had to turn away… remember to call earlier next time! It’s proving to be a perfect snow weekend in Lesotho and the Moteng Pass is accessible. Great menus planned and Dozy is rearing to go!

We must remind you that there are still a few rooms available for our Stargazing weekend and also our Walking with Wild Flowers in early November. Also, the long stay 20% and seniors 30% discounts apply out of season. Give the girls a call to make sure you book your place. Talking of the girls, Angelique is about off for maternity leave and local lass Sonica has, bravely, joined us for this period!
Until then, stay well and warm, from us all at Wyndford

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Snow is spectacular

We all had the most wonderful fun filled day yesterday - there is just something special about the 'wet white stuff'!  Even Dozy was learning how to catch snowballs.  Join us on facebook to see all the wonderful pictures.
All roads from Joburg clear and St Martins kids on there way back home. Great to have had them and we wish them all the best for their matric exams.
All those travelling for the long weekend, we wish you safe journeys.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Remember this special..

Join us at Wyndford for Free Nights between 20 July and 3 August 2012!!

Pay R2040 for three nights and stay for four!

Pay R3400 for five nights and stay for seven!

Call now on 058 223 0274 or email so as not to miss out on this special offer.

Snow today..

What is it about the little white stuff that seems magical and makes people smile?  Few snow flurries at lunch time but none that lasted, definately more in the clouds above us...very pregnant!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Free nights special...

Join us at Wyndford for Free Nights between 20 July and 3 August 2012!!

Pay R2040 for three nights and stay for four!

Pay R3400 for five nights and stay for seven!

Call now on 058 223 0274 or email so as not to miss out on this special offer.

Rates per person sharing. Terms and Conditions apply.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Snow Forecast..

Even the most hardy oaks shivered the last of their leaves off last night! Minus 6 this morning at Wyndford with a snow forecast for Fouriesburg on Saturday...nothing guaranteed (whatever is..) but warm cosy accommodation still available - give the girls a call at the office 058 223 0274!  Maybe we will get enought for a snowman....

Thursday, May 31, 2012

WOW..Top 10 Child Friendly holiday Venues...

In this month’s issue of Good Housekeeping SA and Goeie Huishouding, we have been listed as one of SA’s Top 10 Child-friendly Holidays. Thanks to Deborah Herd and Daniel Tukker for their afirmations! Usually begining with a 'W" we feature last in most lists, so great to be the first one for a change!
Keep smiling (we are) and have a great day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May we share our news....

Our trees all stand nude in the minus temperatures of the last few weeks – it does equal a very happy husky! Thanks to all those concerned about him, he has been on some different medication and is back to his normal bouncy self. It would appear to have been the same sort of bug as biliary but all seems sorted now.

For all interested birders, we once again (remember the bearded sparrow…) have a new bird species spotted at Wyndford. We have bald Ibis in residence and breeding, and now we also have the new (and not so improved) bald Emu. Oooops. He/she, we are still not sure which, was isolated and attacked by the other two Emu’s who seem to be mating and became separated outside the fence and (4 stiches in Celvin’s ear later) started ambling up the ‘S’ bends towards Fouriesburg. The following morning our men picked him/her up on their way to work and we have been nurturing ever since. Still bald (and possibly chilly) he/she seems content and recovering in the paddock next to the others.

Jaco has been busy pioneering a new and different horse trail up into Ibis Gorge, but alas, my sneaky planned first trial of the route was snookered by George – broken ankles and old age can be a handicap!! Cotton wool here we come….

We are very grateful for wonderful log fires (and underfloor heating) – so don’t be afraid of visiting in winter. Walking is a treat and the clear views of the marvelous Maluti Mountains in the distance as they are bathed in the pink and blue hues of the late evening are amazing. (There are still a few rooms available for the winter Amateur Astronomy weekend in June).

As noted in our blog (see our website) the Olympic qualifier – the Tour de Free State came through this morning with our Wyndford banners flying we cheered the cyclists on for the all of four seconds as they flitted though the town! Cycling at Wyndford and the local surrounds is a wonderful (and distant memory for some of us…) experience. The off road routes are amazing and the roads are calm and beautiful. Also, note, that the river road to Agate bank has been done by over sixty’s as well as three year old twins on push bikes. However, the continuance round the mountain is a challenge not for the faint hearted!

A recent incident with a guest being accosted as they ventured onto the end of the farm, saw George sitting under a tree on the Lesotho side of the Caledon with the local Chief (and the Whole village) as the three, three foot high perpetrators were given a hiding that had George cringing. No problems since!

We understand the difficulties of the financial situations that plague SA, and the world, but in all the stresses we would like to believe that time away at Wyndford is still worth the money and effort to recharge those batteries to keep on keeping on!

Thanks to all who entered our monthly draw on the website. The May winner is Gareth Van Hooschooten

Our warm wishes to you all, and hoping to hear from you soon, greetings from the Wyndford Team

PS I did eventually master the click song (of our last newsletter) and our team photos are now on our Wyndford Gallery Page!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

For all those who are happy on two wheels...

The second annual Tour de Free State starts in Bloemfontein tomorrow. As an Olympic qualifier, the event has teams from 15 different countries participating. Stage 3, 120km, starts in Clarens then to Bethlehem and comes through Fouriesburg on Saturday 26 May. An opportunity to see top cyclists in action!
Let's hope that they wait for the sun shine before starting each day as -5° temperatures might make it necessary for more clothes than usually worn.  Wishing you a warm hearted day ahead.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Winter has arrived!

Cold, dry sunfilled days with beautiful blue skies, just getting out of bed in the morning is a little difficult - that extra cuddle under the blanket with the cat... rather than facing the walk to the office across the white lawn. Having said that, Dodge (out Husky) has a grin from brown eye to blue eye! George and Jaco are walking up Bungy Buttress at the moment and Celvin and Angelique are hoping for sun on the beach, as they are on leave.  The fires are roaring in the lounge and the diningroom but thankfully nothing out on the farm.  The only good thing about having no rain is that the veld fires have less to burn on!
Don't forget the Wyndford Astronomy weekend at the end of June and also the fact that the 20% discount applies during the July school holidays for a 4 night or longer stay.  Give us a call on 058-2230274 or on we look forward to hearing from you.  Stay well and warm! regards from the Wyndford Team.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wyndford Astronomy Weekend - 22 June to 24 June 2012

Please join as at Wyndford Holiday farm on the 22nd to 24 June 2012, for a fun and informative weekend of Astronomy for the whole family. Presented by Robert and Joyce Faltermeier, budding amateur astronomers. The weekend’s activities are suitable for all types young, old, active and not so active.

Activities include the following:
• Basic introduction to Astronomy part 1
- Slide-show and talk on wonders of the universe and the moons.
- Documentary on stars
• Making your own planespheres.
Ever wondered what star you are looking at? What time of the year is the best time to view Jupiter? Make your own planesphere and never wonder again, use this simple devise to navigate your way around the stars
• Star gazing with a telescope.
Join us for an evening of viewing the current celestial bodies on show, and view the universe as you may not have viewed it before.
• Walk the scale of the Solar System.
What If the Sun was the size of a basketball? How far would we walk to reach each of the planets? This walk is for the more adventurous, where we go for a 3.5 hour hike and plot the distance of each of the Solar System’s major bodies, and explore them in detail.
• Space “craft” for kids.
For the not so big kids- learn how to make your own star constellations and your own space ships. Learn about the major stars in our universe, become a “space expernaut” and teach your parents about the stars.
• Basic introduction to Astronomy part 2
- Slide-show and talk on asteroids and black holes.
- Documentary on asteroids and black holes
• Learn the Constellations.
Ever wonder what stars make up the constellations and the story behind the names, join us for an informative tour of the night sky.
• Star gazing with a telescope.
• Join us for an evening of viewing the current celestial bodies on show.

Friday, April 20, 2012

April News

Into our chilly morning, we have a sneaky – from the wrong direction – warm wind blowing. Almost like snow weather… The trees are shedding their Autumn plumage, sad…I’m definitely a green person…but still fun to go sloshing through the newly gathered piles of leaves. It makes you feel young again!

As much as I like surprises, the expectedness of the mushrooms poking up and the pine trees popping off their ‘rose’ cones makes one tend to want to gather for winter. (I would have made a good squirrel) The pantry is full of jams and preserves and the last of the pears is resolutely clinging on, but not for much longer. In fact until tomorrow – pears poached in red wine with mascarpone and nuts sounds good.

The animals have been in the wars. Max, the cat from home, got himself subdivided on the razor wire (a hazard of living near a border post) and now has a zip effect down the front of his fur coat! Zoey the mare has a problem with her eye and has a permanent wink, which of course Ponty in the stall next door chooses to misinterpret. He hasn’t been rescued from any more compromising and embarrassing situations recently – we have in the past, proved that stallions can blush!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend and the weather was mostly kind to us. Just a few gusts while agate hunting in the Caledon sent us all home well and truly dusted, but a good time was had by all and proved that there is no age limit to being kids! Photos posted onto our Wyndford facebook page for anyone wanting to check out if I caught their ‘good’ sides, as well as updates on our blog, which you can access through our website.

This last weekend we enjoyed being introduced to Sam, the new son of a Wyndford bride and her husband – great to welcome the next generation of little Wyndford guests (and have some cuddles). You might have also spoken to Jenny in reception at some stage, she is a mom with two kids who lives in Fouriesburg and has joined us in the office. Jaco, also a local lad, is being put through our fitness programme – learning all the walks and outdoor activities. We are happy to have them both on our team. (If I ever manage to master the click song…no not the Xhosa one... the one that means I can edit the pictures on the web page gallery – click here, click there everywhere a click click – maybe muddling my songs…anyway I digress). Celvin and Angelique are sixteen weeks into the manufacture of a brother for Cassidy.. more cuddles coming! Yay!

Thanks to all who entered our monthly draw on the website. The lucky April winner is Santie Walters.

Celvin’s picture of the trees, heading off to Agate bank and our first chess game…albeit more like draughts me thinks! We look forward to being able to welcome you to Wyndford sometime soon! Greetings from us all

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bus still has place...

There is a group joining us from the 13th - 18th May, departing from and returning to, the Bromhof area of Johannesburg - if you feel like joining us but are not happy to drive or know someone who would like to make use of this offer - the bus still has space.  Call the girls in the office now on 058-2230274
Have a great day!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter braai

We had great guests and a fun weekend!  Thank you for coming and hope you are all home safe and sound.  See pictures of the braai on our facebook page and will update with our agate hunting pics. Remember from the 9th - 13th  and from the 15th to the 20th - under 18's are half price! Come and join us to relax and have some time out.... Wishing you well from the Wyndford Team

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter weekend is upon us

With the sadness of why we have an Easter and the joy of Easter Sunday and holidays, I always find it a bitter sweet weekend. Travel Safe all who are moving, if you're coming to Wyndford enjoy the journey - all the trees are dressed in Autumn clothes - and if you are not...shame, maybe another time. Greetings from us all

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Chess anyone

As the picture shows...chess (or possibly draughts!!) is now an option. We found a secluded little square for quiet contemplation (and competition!)

Special for the 9 - 13 April...Children half price! Round up the kids, enlist the grans and grampa's come and enjoy a great break at Wyndford.
Call now and speak to Angelique or Jenny. PS Quote this Blog special Hope to see you soon

Monday, March 26, 2012

Full families and Chess

Just love seeing families from all over meeting to catch up, cousins reacquaint, relaxing and having fun together. Had a great bunch in over the weekend and this morning we are breaking ground for our outdoor chess set..yay! Long awaiting and planned, have just the right spot for this quiet challenging to follow.
Remember our special running this week - 20% discount until the 30th March for all ages. Hope to see you soon!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March news

We obviously have very happy bunnies….lots of them. Since moving them from the farmyard to the enclosed run they have multiplied. Fun to sit in the swing chair and watch, however bunnies are not just cuddly and soft and have ‘karate kid’ sparing games which amazes some little people. Charlotte the tortoise, appears to be just as confused by the weather as we are and seems to have already started to head toward hibernation. Pacing up and down and heading for higher ground when the clouds roll up…only to head back out to look for food.
We are still waiting for the quinces to ripen but have been able to serve home grown raspberries for the first time in many years thank to a neighbor splitting up her plants and boosting our garden. We are watering from the river every day but it is still not the same as a good steady rain. George totaled rainfall stats and we are down on last year by two thirds for January and half for February, maybe it is still coming but the poplars and liquid ambers are already starting to turn yellow.
Our pumpkin patch (actually it qualified as a pumpkin field according to a local farmer!) has been a little disappointing. When I suggested it and we planted it everyone said they were going to overtake the driveway… I am maybe too impatient to be a farmer but the crop looks a little sparse to me. We wait with baited breath…
The cosmos starting to bloom means it’s nearly Easter….We have two specials for families coming up – quote this newsletter to qualify:
20% discount between 25 – 30 March and also the 11 – 13 May 2012. Round up the kids and Grandparents.. or Grandparents round up the kids!! And come for a refreshing fun filled break, no cooking, no driving and cell phones ringing once you pull into the carport, just fresh air, great food, warm hospitality, wonderful walks, horse rides and bunny cuddles – are you convinced yet?
A reminder that we have some exciting weekends planned for this year. Stargazing with Joyce and Robert Faltermeier on the weekends of 22 – 24 June and 12 – 14 October. They are enthusiastic and great with children - maybe time to learn a new hobby? The ‘Walking with Wild Flowers’ weekend with Dr Ashley Nicholas on the 2 – 4 November for all of those who have enjoyed hikes though our mountains – time to stop and take a closer look with an expert ‘in the field’ so to say. The Fun Bowls week from the 25 – 30 November is proving to be popular so give us a ring if bowls is your thing.
Thanks to all who entered our monthly draw on the website. The March winner is Stephan De Kock
George and I went up to the Ou Hout camp on Ventersburg for a night camp – road is a great 4x4 route – all you off roaders would have been proud of me… but I leave you with this calm and beautiful picture.

Get planning – we look forward to having you all visit. Greetings from us all!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Husky heaven...

22mm of hail and rain fell on Wyndford = Husky heaven!! All the hail ended in a pile which made a wonderful bed for Dodge - who spent a happy hour making 'snow angels'! Interestingly enough neither of our neighbouring farms had any rain..
Anyone who remembers the melted candle picture.. they were put to use this week by turning them upside down, a bit drippy but worked nonetheless!
Most beautiful day here today, crisp blue skies and a cocophany of birdsong. Enjoy your day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Yesterdays cloud patterns over Wyndford.

Interesting an beautiful cloud patterns over us yesterday - huge winds - but no rain. The length of this cloud stretched as far as the eye could see. The poplars, liquid ambers and grasses have started to turn - it would appear that this part of the Eastern Free State is going to have an early autumn!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

February already..

Was about to say welcome to 2012… and here we are already bouncing up to Valentine’s day! We trust that the year has started well for you and your family.
The Wyndford family is changing and growing. Someone just asked how Angelique and Celvin’s baby was – so here is a picture of her sweeping and not such a baby anymore! Shane and Patricia have decided to move on and we wish them happiness in their future.

As the candle photo shows, we have had some extremely warm days over the past two months – topping 40° one day – when we all felt like the candles looked! As I write this we have had a short sharp shower but the river is still only ankle deep. Bad news for tubing… and especially worrying for farmers in the area, as crops and grass feed for cows and horses are affected.
For all those who have milked the cows…interesting bit of information…not sure you will ever really need it, what with a Woolies on every corner. Our cream and milk has been turning sour overnight – the cows are so hot when they come home in the afternoon, it is affecting the life of the milk and cream. Can you just picture cooling showers for cows?! Or alternatively just pop down to the cow shed with some Milo for instant hot chocolate.
Our wonderful fruit year continues, and we are now waiting for the pears, apples, quinces, figs and grapes to ripen and then another frenzy of jam and jelly making will ensue. Our cider and wine making was not a viable option – it would appear we have ‘tea total grapes’ as the last batch never ‘kicked’ and we still have a bucket of two year old grape juice.

A reminder that we have some exciting weekends planned for this year. Stargazing with Joyce and Robert Faltermeier and a Walking with Wild flowers weekend with Dr Ashley Nicholas in November. Many trips are planned for those who do not want to negotiate the roads themselves. Keep an eye on our new website or give the girls in the office a call…

So many children who come say when they grow up they would love to work at Wyndford. If you know any growed up kids who might fit the following description and would like an opportunity with us please send us CV’s to
Young, dynamic, energetic couple who are happy to work in an isolated environment. Previous hospitality experience essential. Passionate about guests satisfaction, able to master housekeeping, maintenance, Food & Beverage and administration.
Him: Night manager to help monitor maintenance, kitchen, evening entertainment & lock-up.
Her: Excellent communications skills & computer literacy. Duties include hosting guests, Front Office & Housekeeping.

Our monthly draw winner this month is Bernadette Arlow
We look forward to being able to welcome you to the wonderful Eastern Free State and Wyndford soon!
Have a fabulous February,
Greetings from us all

Friday, February 10, 2012

Looking for Management Couple:

Young dynamic, energetic couple who are happy to work in an isolated environment. Previous hospitality experience essential. Passionate about guests satisfaction, able to master housekeeping, maintenance, Food & Beverage and administration.

Him: Night manager to help monitor maintenance, kitchen, evening entertainment & lock-up.
Her: Excellent communications skills & computer literacy. Duties include hosting guests, Front Office & Housekeeping.

Send us your CV to

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Isolated thundershowers...

I always thought that the weathermen were just hedging their bets when they forcast 'isolated' thundershowers. The Eastern Free State is looking wonderful, green and lush. However,dig down and it is dry dry dry. We get the build up and can see the rain falling on our neighbours farm, they get 30mm and we get nothing! Definately no tubing down the Caledon River, which is only ankle deep.
Needless to say the pool has been put to good use and the sparkling waters are very inviting.
Enjoy our new website and we look forward to hearing from you soon!
Have a great day today.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Our new website

Please bear with us as we work to get a better website, if you are not finding answers please don't hesitate to email us on with your telephone number and we will call you back with pleasure.