Friday, July 6, 2018

Wyndford Winter news...

It's a long way to the top - but the way you climb a mountain, any mountain,
is one step at a time....
Well, for those have you who have done the Chin of the Tortoise walk….  Humphrey went all the way to the top and thanks to Susan Merven’s (who made it to the top – unlike some of us..!) photographic expertise, we have evidence. This cat never ceases to amaze. He is also continuing with his kitten care duties and the two of them are often seen cuddled up together.
Father’s day 4x4 drive and wors rolls at the river was great fun… something for you to plan ahead for next year - with spectacular weather, views and company. 
Now for great Spring news…. Actually on Spring day 1st September we are having a Fun Trail Run at Wyndford.  Join us for the weekend, or the day, and for the energetic among us run beautiful trails through our amazing Sandstone mountains. Reply now to this email and the girls will give you all the exciting information.
Spring sprung a little early in the farmyard, with twin lambs arriving on a very cold morning – glad they come equipped with woolly coats. So Ethan, Ella and Chris – who arrived later join our small flock… (I will leave you to decide where the names come from – but I can say these are better than some others that were debated over staff lunch!)
We are nearly full for Christmas in July so hurry if you want to join us, 13 – 15th July and it looks like it’s likely to be chilly – we will have to see if the snow obliges …..
Well, enough for now – until we see you stay warm!
Sending Greetings from us all at Wyndford

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Who said I can't do the trail run........!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Our exciting news....

Wow, we are so excited!  Thanks to all our guests and staff who made this happen….
It is a positive acknowledgement and we would like to think it would encourage those who are thinking of joining us at Wyndford… to just do it – give us a try!!
Rocky has settled in well, he can manage all the walks except the Chin of the tortoise, and .. well he is not a fan of the twin bridges! Molly and Sprockett have welcomed him in – they rather like having someone else in their corner when it comes to Humphrey!  However, we have seen a softer side of Humphrey the last few days.  He found a little feral kitten, also black but with white socks, and has slowly coaxed her out. We managed to catch her and she is settling down. Humphrey visits and plays with her, putting his arms around her neck and purring (watch this spot for a video!)…. Not without throwing looks over his shoulder that says ‘don’t tell the dogs!’
Adventure awaits.....
We are planning an Adventure packed Father’s day weekend!  4x4 route to drive, night walk and snippets of World Cup Soccer, Boerewors rolls in the mountains and so much more… fun for all the family. If you have ever really wanted to test your SRV…It’s coming up soon so book now 15 – 17th June, just reply to this mail!
Also, school holidays are filling up so make sure not to miss out. (Remember that during these holidays our special of 20% discount for a four night or longer stay applies).
It was a moooving day in more ways than one when we said goodbye to our little herd of cows. After the drought and high cost of buying in feed we decided it was time to say goodbye. We will still be serving farm fresh milk just not our own.
Pieter has joined us in our kitchen and is settling in well to the Wyndford family. We have really great hiking guides in the form of Celvin and Rynhard, although it would appear that  one of them has a dodgy sense of direction(!) after getting lost last Friday.  Thankfully we have radios….
Well, enough for now – we hope to see you soon!
Sending you warm Greetings from us all at Wyndford

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Molly in full flight..... exploring routes with Celvin, Rocky and Sprockett!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

It was with a little apprehension that we welcomed Rocky onto the farm. He is a five year old black Labrador who has been living in Joburg, but his mom was moving and he needed a place to stay. After a calm trip down, watching the world go by from the back seat, he was soon settled in on his bed by the lounge door.  Then he had his first taste of farm life, seemingly unphased by roaming roosters, growled a little at the horses (probably never seen such a big dog and wondered what we feed them….) met Molly and Sprocket then encountered Humphrey! Well, the ‘boss’ is a little put out that he has met his match and that there is one animal on the farm that is not afraid of him! (One very squiff nose at present…)
Holiday… an extended period of leisure and recreation. Young Mum Laura, recently commented ‘ best rest I’ve had since becoming a mom!’ That is the beauty of Wyndford – time to do the important things like spending quality family time and know that supper will still be on the table. Not getting up to make early morning tea (although I trained by husband very early on..) or breakfast – and no cleaning up! Just turn up when the gong sounds for something scrumptious… If it sounds appealing, book now for Mother’s Day in May – that way the whole family shares the gift!
This picture is of the snow last year in May!  What with all the rain we have had lately, and misty mornings currently, we are hoping for some good snow in the area and mountains this year.  Remember that we have a bumper special offer of 20% discount for four nights or longer over May, June and July so get in early so as not to be disappointed when the white stuff makes its appearance – and if it doesn’t - we’ll still treat you to roaring log fires and hot chocolate evenings!
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Sending you warm Greetings from us all at Wyndford

A little indignant!! well ok... a lot indignant!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Last chance to book.....

 for the Wyndford May Tour... bookings close 2 May 2018.... 
20 25 May 2018
Visit the beautiful Eastern Free State, fully inclusive rate - all meals and teas
Including Mud Studio Ceramic Factory,
St Augustine Cave Church and
Rock art - Ladybrand,
Leribe Weavers – Lesotho
Makoadi Rabbit Farm
Passports essential.

R7690 per person sharing
R9370 per single guest
3 Designated Collection points in Johannesburg
6am Collection at Engen Garage Cnr President Fouche & Witdoring Road
6:30 Elphin Lodge Modderfontein Road
7:00 Renaissance Village Comora Street and Bellairs Drive, Glenvista or
Call now ... Angelique, Jenny or Natasja for more information on 058-2230274
or email

Friday, April 6, 2018

The latest news and special from the Farm...

We have had a most marvellous March! A record 219mm of rain fell on the farm, and those of you who have joined us for sundowners at the river crossing can see how much water is around the Eastern Free State.   The Little Caledon was high enough to inflict some damage to the swing bridges but all were back up and ready for the Easter walks.... although there is an additional spanner in the bottom of the river! (Yes, it is not the first one...)
All this weather has meant that we have had some stunning photo opportunities, with spectacular cloud formations and lighting. 

Our seniors, Zazu and Maluti will not be riding anymore, as, at 30 these two grand animals have deserved a well earned retirement. They have faithfully walked (galloped) the Wyndford routes and  have carried adults as children whose children have now come for rides.  Maluti collapsed and has a bad heart murmur - they will stay with the other horses for company and …apples?!  (We are waiting for the day when George and I get put out to pasture….)

You might have spoken with Natasja in Reception, or walked with Rynhard who (along with Baby RJ) joined our team in March and we will bid farewell to Hanna our Catering manager, who is returning to the States. We are on the lookout for someone to take on this role to ensure our food service continues to be the best we can be.
Anyone who has advise on how to keep ‘the boss’ in line (yes we are referring to Humphrey) who today after trying to catch Maluti’s tail was then seen chasing a rooster who is twice his size… Talk about a fearless feline!

We have decided to hold our rates at present and absorb the 1%vat increase until further notice.
Join us for the school holidays (there are two different specials on offer for April) or plan ahead and make Mothers Day a special memory – a bottle of pink Champagne will go to the family that has the most generations of moms! Give Natasja, Jenny or Angelique a call now on 058-2230274 and make it a special occasion. 

Well, as the Liquid Ambers start showing their autumn colours, there is a definite nip in the air in the mornings and evenings – it is time to put the jumping castle into hibernation, make sure the wood pile is stacked ready for log fires with hot chocolate…..and maybe dream of a little snow!

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Sending you warm Greetings from us all at Wyndford
(and yes, Humphrey that includes you… ok, special furry cuddles from ‘the boss’ – apparently only for little people)

Monday, March 5, 2018

The New Boss..... Wyndford news

We would like to introduce you to the new ‘Boss’ at Wyndford.  Short in stature but large in personality, Humphrey has both Molly and Sprockett under control (he is the only moving thing on the farm they don’t chase – in fact the reverse happens) and well, he pretty much has the rest of us at his beck and call! He has been a great addition to the office, photo calls at morning tea and joined quite a few walks with guests…  
Humphrey - the Boss

Our monthly competition is changing! We know how good you all are with pictures and videos soooo… round up the kids or friends, (the horse, cat...) and in a 60 second video tell us why Wyndford is ‘your happy place’ !!  Bloopers welcome….
Send them through to us at and then wait – it could be you joining us again soon.

The Cosmos is Coming....
Hamish was with us for a few weeks from New Zealand – always fun when ‘Wyndford’ kids come back to the farm as adults to spend some time with us.  Fly high in your new endeavours. Sadly, we wished Nicole goodbye – we loved having her as part of the team and will miss her sense of humour and sparkle. However, we do know that chocolate brownies are good bribes for visits…
We are once again amazed at our hen who grew 13 chicks, two metres up in the crook of the tree… rather than teaching them all how to use the ladder we have brought them down to earth and they are now happy neighbours with the bunnies.

The weather has been beautiful, with Wyndford and the surrounding countryside looking green and lush. We are grateful that both the Caledon and Little Caledon Rivers are flowing. All photographers will be happy, as added to this are sunflowers and the first Cosmos making a sundowners drive a beautiful thing to do.

We have been having staff chats about play stations and we will leave you with some of our special Wyndford ones…..  
Join us for the school holidays or plan ahead and make Mothers Day a special memory.
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Enough Said...