Wednesday, October 10, 2018

All the latest news...

Hello from Wyndford, 
 And they are off!
Well, September has come and gone and along with it our first ever Fun Trail Run over 5 and 10km.  Thank you for all who participated, young and old (furry and four footed! Yes, Humphrey did most of the 5km and was very miffed about being bought home in the bakkie). Round up a group and join us next time… weekend of 8th - 10th February with the run on Saturday.  Keep training…!

Maluti 1986 - 2018
Thursday was a quiet, sunny day... It was also the day we said our farewells to the legend that was Maluti. Many children have chatted away to him as he gently sashayed down the road - he was always patient. Those that wanted a little fun, and didn't realise he had it in him, were surprise as he took off across the field at a gallop. Many have come back (some a little white faced..) and declared - they didn't think a horse could go up a mountain like that. He has seen so many come and go, this was his time.
He went for one last jaunt down to the first field with Buster who gently shepherded him home along the river road, stopping to wait when Maluti needed to catch his breath, this was gently repeated. He only walked slowly home leaving Maulti quiet at the bottom of the hill, knowing he wasn't making it home that night...
Farewell, old gentleman, you will be so missed.
Such love.... 
We have had a quiet week, and I sat in the summerhouse garden and realised how peaceful and beautiful it is (no wonder guests like to sit there…) Roses and Aquilegia are ready to burst, Irises are flowering, birds and butterflies are happy – Tea anyone?
Alternatively, join us for half term weekend 19 – 21 October, before the rush of exams and end of year madness. Peter Webb will happily guide everyone who fancies looking under rocks or at anything that flies….(he is just amazing with children!)
Warm greeting from us all,Team Wyndford
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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

August news from the Farm....

Hello from Wyndford, 
 It would seem we are having a bad hare day… it may not be the buck eating the sweetpeas after all – we seem to have a larger than usual number of hare sightings! They particularly like the spot just outside the fence where the dogs can see them…drives Molly nuts! (more than usual that is..)
Shhhh - a rare sighting of the lesser spotted calm Molly Dog!
The Emu’s have unfortunately abandoned their 16 beautifully coloured eggs – but so far none of us have offered to blow them out! We all remember Jaco’s attempt... Both the tortoises have made an appearance, although Charlotte seems to have decided that she isn’t quite ready and needed a bit more sleep – maybe she feels the possibility of snow in the air again.
 This coming week sees our first ever Fun Trail Run at the farm with a 5 and 10km trail over our beautiful sandstone mountains. Still time to join us if you have a need for speed… with sponsorship in aid of Cluny Animal Trust run by Jan and our great local Vet, Katherine, who has just paid us a visit. After telling you last time how beautiful and cosy Bandit was looking in his woolly jacket, today he has a sore eye - never a dull moment with horses!
I know it is sometimes hard to read all the way to the end… but our calendar of events is attached for those who like to plan ahead.
Hoping you have a Spring in your step
from us all at Team Wyndford
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Fun Trail Run 1 September 2018 (This weekend!)
Seniors Tour 4 – 9 November 2018
Cherry Festival 16 - 18 November 2018
Fun Bowls week 18 – 23 November 2018
Fun trail Run 8 – 10 February 2019
Seniors Tour 24 February  – 1 March 2019
Mothers Day 12 May 2019 (Wyndford is great place to spoil Moms)
Fathers 4x4 Day Weekend 16 June 2019
Christmas in July 19 – 21 July 2019 (We’ll book Father Christmas in advance!)
… and so much more… watch this spot!
Race........ did someone say race....?!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Is it coming near you....

Whoop whoop, we are quite done with the brown palette and looking forward to seeing things pop into new growth. Having said that.... as I write there is a possibility of snow in the air.  We had wonderful gentle rain last night which settled the dust beautifully.  The fruit trees are starting to bud and the Japonica are starting to bloom.... unfortunately the two full beds of sweetpea seedlings outside Belsteen Manor now reside in the buck's tummy!! (again…)
We temporarily lost Socks (doesn’t one always go missing?) but she is back and reunited with Humphrey.  Looking at the horses yesterday, always a calming occupation – even with Molly, Sprockett and Rocky underfoot – you should just see Bandit’s coat, it is like a thick woolly jersey!
We had a Fun Christmas in July, although it was hard to find Father Christmas…. Look out for our next year calendar coming soon so you can plan to join us.  
Now, I know all the pictures that come from the walks are usually from other’s cameras …. but in preparation for our Spring Day Fun Trail Run at Wyndford on Saturday 1st September,I offered to walk the 5km trail with Rynhard… only to discover he was doing the 10km. Pictures included just to prove I did it!! …Well only 6.4km to be precise and needless to say he completed the course in a lot less time once Molly and I were picked up at Agate bank!
We are ready
and it’s going to be fun so don’t delay!! Call now to book…
PS Humphrey did Agate Bank and back yesterday …think he’s hoping for a podium spot?!
Happy greetings from us all….
Team Wyndford
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Please note.... at this point in the trail... Rynhard was 10 paces behind!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Wyndford Winter news...

It's a long way to the top - but the way you climb a mountain, any mountain,
is one step at a time....
Well, for those have you who have done the Chin of the Tortoise walk….  Humphrey went all the way to the top and thanks to Susan Merven’s (who made it to the top – unlike some of us..!) photographic expertise, we have evidence. This cat never ceases to amaze. He is also continuing with his kitten care duties and the two of them are often seen cuddled up together.
Father’s day 4x4 drive and wors rolls at the river was great fun… something for you to plan ahead for next year - with spectacular weather, views and company. 
Now for great Spring news…. Actually on Spring day 1st September we are having a Fun Trail Run at Wyndford.  Join us for the weekend, or the day, and for the energetic among us run beautiful trails through our amazing Sandstone mountains. Reply now to this email and the girls will give you all the exciting information.
Spring sprung a little early in the farmyard, with twin lambs arriving on a very cold morning – glad they come equipped with woolly coats. So Ethan, Ella and Chris – who arrived later join our small flock… (I will leave you to decide where the names come from – but I can say these are better than some others that were debated over staff lunch!)
We are nearly full for Christmas in July so hurry if you want to join us, 13 – 15th July and it looks like it’s likely to be chilly – we will have to see if the snow obliges …..
Well, enough for now – until we see you stay warm!
Sending Greetings from us all at Wyndford

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Who said I can't do the trail run........!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Our exciting news....

Wow, we are so excited!  Thanks to all our guests and staff who made this happen….
It is a positive acknowledgement and we would like to think it would encourage those who are thinking of joining us at Wyndford… to just do it – give us a try!!
Rocky has settled in well, he can manage all the walks except the Chin of the tortoise, and .. well he is not a fan of the twin bridges! Molly and Sprockett have welcomed him in – they rather like having someone else in their corner when it comes to Humphrey!  However, we have seen a softer side of Humphrey the last few days.  He found a little feral kitten, also black but with white socks, and has slowly coaxed her out. We managed to catch her and she is settling down. Humphrey visits and plays with her, putting his arms around her neck and purring (watch this spot for a video!)…. Not without throwing looks over his shoulder that says ‘don’t tell the dogs!’
Adventure awaits.....
We are planning an Adventure packed Father’s day weekend!  4x4 route to drive, night walk and snippets of World Cup Soccer, Boerewors rolls in the mountains and so much more… fun for all the family. If you have ever really wanted to test your SRV…It’s coming up soon so book now 15 – 17th June, just reply to this mail!
Also, school holidays are filling up so make sure not to miss out. (Remember that during these holidays our special of 20% discount for a four night or longer stay applies).
It was a moooving day in more ways than one when we said goodbye to our little herd of cows. After the drought and high cost of buying in feed we decided it was time to say goodbye. We will still be serving farm fresh milk just not our own.
Pieter has joined us in our kitchen and is settling in well to the Wyndford family. We have really great hiking guides in the form of Celvin and Rynhard, although it would appear that  one of them has a dodgy sense of direction(!) after getting lost last Friday.  Thankfully we have radios….
Well, enough for now – we hope to see you soon!
Sending you warm Greetings from us all at Wyndford

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Molly in full flight..... exploring routes with Celvin, Rocky and Sprockett!