Monday, April 24, 2017

A-May-zing special for Seniors....

A reminder to all seniors... a 50% discount is up for grabs!!! 
Arrive Monday 1st May depart Saturday 6th May 2017 for an A-May-zing special!!! 
If you can't join us share with someone who could.....
Call now on 0582230274 or email

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spiders, Butterflies... photography...

(who took these amazing pictures) and who will help kids (and adults..) get close, explore and photograph Butterflies, Spiders, Scorpions (no having to worry what inquisitive boys will find under rocks) and more in a fun filled weekend. Plan ahead for the 19 - 21 May or 13 - 15 October 2017. Book now call 058 223 0274!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hello April....

Autumn seems to be seeping in very slowly… very cool mornings lead into very warm days.  Walking the side walk yesterday with the pups was certainly puff stuff (well ok, for some of us…) with the sun beating down it felt more like high summer!
  It was with hugely heavy hearts that we bid goodbye to Dozer, a   very special member of the Wyndford family.  Walk was the first word he learnt and he was happiest out on the mountain with guests…especially the ones who let him lead… the walk tended to be longer than they thought. The next thing he learnt was to use his beautiful big chocolate eyes to full advantage, especially at tea time!  He surprised us always with being able to tell a new guest checking in and was quick to meet them at the car, but seemed to know if you were already resident. Absolutely patient with small people, who frequently sat with him for cuddles on the steps outside the dining room. Ah… so many wonderful memories. Thank you Dozy… RIP. 

On his last day, a short amble round the lodges was all he could make, suddenly Sprocket walked slowly right alongside him, ears to tail touching for a few minutes - it seemed like the baton was being passed on.
Meanwhile our new lambs, Alice, Sparky, new twins Duke and Dash are doing well, as are Ebony and Ivory (well – they are black and white like piano keys…) our latest piglets!
We have some fun times planned for all ages this year.  Visit our activities page on the website  for more information but a sneak heads-up….. tennis weekend, spider and butterflies, scout treats, bowls week as well as all the usual fun and relaxing at Wyndford. Alternatively, you could treat the Mom’s in your lives to a special break, delicious meals with no cooking, lots of relaxing, fresh air… peace and quiet!  Go on just do it! Call the girls in the office – 058-2230274!
A guest recently commented… ‘cannot fault Wyndford, excellent meals and beautiful surroundings – the best kept secret in the Eastern Free State!’  Experiencing this soon will be our monthly draw winner  Shelley King!
Keep a lookout on for any last minute specials and up to date news or visit our website where you can enter our monthly draw at
 Looking forward to seeing you soon, warm regards from the Wyndford Team.

PS.... to all those photographers among you, the Eastern Free State is a treasure trove at this time of year, with cosmos, Autumn trees, Mountains... sunbirds in wild dagga plants...... pack up your lenses and zoom this way!