Thursday, June 30, 2011

Durban road

We drove down to 'Maritzburg - and back yesterday, a spectacular and clear day with wonderful views of the mountain summits frosted with snow. The road past Sterkfontein Dam is, well awful actually, but only for about 20 minutes and as van Reenen's pass was closed with broken down trucks in both directions it was still the best route. The slow ride through the stop/go areas on most roads at least gives the passengers a chance to take a look around and enjoy the scenery. Shake off the frustration - I challenge all travelers to take a photo of something you hadn't noticed before at each stop....

Anyone coming to the Eastern Free State from Natal, please bring WARM clothes! The East Coast Radio DJ mentioned that he was cold when he got up as it was only 9° - we had a chuckle as we had left home at -5° that morning.

Travel safe and we look forward to giving you a warm welcome.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Welcome to the holidays....mighty cold holiday! Minus 5 this morning and not looking any warmer for the next few days. Slight sleeting and snow on the mountains but the wind quickly blew it all away. Remember your passports if you are planning to go into Lesotho to play in the snow - and lots of warm clothes.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June Updates from the farm

June 2011
Nature is so wonderful…winter has most definitely arrived along with frosty patterns on the ground, minus temperatures and leggings for emu’s. Yes really, over the past weeks they have grown furry white feathers down to their knees that look like cosy long johns. Sorted!

Not so fortunate, are our three new pot belly pigs, but they have worked out a running track round the farm yard that rivals Formula 1. Three times round one way and then abrupt turnabout and three times the other way would keep anyone warm. There are the odd sqwarks when a chicken gets in the way and the bunnies dive down the nearest hole. Maybe we should call them Button, Schumie and Hamilton (hammy?!)…

This Autumn was spectacular for photography – the colours have been amazing and stayed for a long time. I think that the Liquid Ambers at the Church were the best I have ever seen them. In part due to the high rainfall over the last few months and especially this week, very late for us, which has some wonderful spinoffs. We have had interesting displays of mushrooms over the last few months, some very poisonous but beautiful red with white spots that look like they should have fairies perched on top. (Watching the antics of some guests photograph them one could be sure they had seen a fairy!)

Walking is an unusually slippery pastime at the moment due the fact that we have streams where there were never streams before. Cycling down to the river road the trickle that comes down from the Big Drip (which was completely frozen last week) is still running so strongly that it can be heard before it is seen.
The log pile is full as we anticipate some snow in the next little while. We have already seen a dusting on the Maluti Mountains but never fear, the rooms are heated and cosy and the food hearty and warming!
I have been trying to convince the boys that if we dig a large square area and fill it will water, top it up every night (we’ll delegate this responsibility to Shane I think) …we could have… a skating rink! Good idea? I need some support here guys! I thought this would be a great use of our natural resources (minus 5 Degree temperatures).
George will probably be doing a trip to the chain ladder at Mount aux Source during the week of the 4 – 10 July which is a full day walk. Very special, and something to think of if you are planning to join us in the July holidays. Remember that over these holidays our usual out-of-season special of 20% discount for four nights or longer applies.
Our monthly draw winner this month is Debbie Buck. Consolation prize for consistent trying goes to Dave….watch the post!
Stay well and warm, from the Wyndford Team!