Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wyndford Heading into 2016...

The energetic among us are off abseiling this afternoon…however, there are a fair number who are dozing under that shade of a tree, replete from lunch and enjoying the peace and quiet.
Christmas has come and gone with Santa arriving on time (how does he do it…) joyfully pulled along by Rudolf and Blitzen.  The question was asked as to what the Wyndford staff job descriptions look like!! – rather like – if it needs doing we do it!

The horses have been on slow time, due to vaccinations but the chatter of children as they plod up the drive rings in the air, and when the four legged rides are over the bike brigade come racing up and down.  Great to see children free and happy – which means relaxed and contented parents.
For those of you who spend happy times with us over this period, we would appreciate your posting a review on Tripadvisor or Google Maps.  To those thinking ahead some of the specials coming up are:
A 10% discount for all between the 10th and 24th January 2016, minimum two night stay. 
There is also a trip planned up to Katse Dam in Lesotho, Clarens and more from the 24th to 29th January and again from the 6th to 11th March 2016. So, if this is on your bucket list, give the office a call now on 058-2230274 to find out more.
Tomorrow sees us all ushering in 2016 with a 60’s song filled karaoke evening in the Shed… Mini skirts, for the young and brave, or bell bottoms and beads!  We would wish you a year ahead filled to overflowing with…
Real joy and uninhibited laughter
Perfect peace and contentment
Excitement and Special surprises
Hope for Great tomorrows
And God’s Richest Blessings
A late Christmas present for Molly Jean Boman, who is our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people!   It could be you - head off to the website to enter on and we will keep you up to date on with all the news.

Happy holidays from the Wyndford Team

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Keeping cool and having fun!

Agate hunting the in the Katse filled Caledon River at Wyndford.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Looking to the new year....

Start the year off with a treat...
10% discount for a minimum two night stay 
between the 10th and 24th January 2016. 
Call us on 058-2230274 or 
email now!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Christmas present...

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL...10% discount from the 5th December to the 15th December, minimum 3 night stay. What a Christmas present! If you can't make it, share the gift with someone who could...

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Reindeer Edition...

Well, from the luxurious lushness of Spring, we quickly toppled into a dusty windy and dry month. After waiting desperately we were thrilled to have 36mm of wonderful rain on Friday evening.  A few cold mornings later but with beautiful crisp blue skies and gardens looking greener for having had a good wash!

The cherries were in fine form this year, even to still being around for the festival this last weekend. We have picked our first crop of apricots and the grapes and plums are coming along well. 
Despite just coming through winter the horses are looking fat and well fed… need to get them up to speed soon for all the walks to the gate and back and it is quite possible they have forgotten the meaning of the word gallop!  Our four girls, Vanilla, Chocolat, Mooose and Ginger are all doing well in the cowpen and we are happy to say that Rainbow (our chicken..) managed to successfully hatch and rear her chick after nesting 10 feet up in a tree. Perry, well what can one say about Perry… he continues to pace the length and breadth of the garden, eats the dogs bones, devoured a plate of putu – no wonder he was giving us dirty looks on a diet of cucumber and salad – in other words generally causing mayhem.  The next thing will be to get a tag so we can measure his distance travelled and speed!  (Many enlightening suggestions received on achieving this, I might add)
Dozy, Wynnie and Ponti
To those of you joining us for the festive season, Santa has our co-ordinates and we have it on good authority that the reindeers are looking forward to seeing you… (even if they weren’t so happy to see me and my camera!) To those not joining us, ag shame… we wish you a relaxing and special holiday season as well! Or you could give the office a ring and still enjoy some time out with us 058-2230274 – don’t delay!
Renee Pietersen is our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people!   It could be you - head off to the website to enter on and we will keep you up to date on with all the news.
Happy holidays from the Wyndford Team
Fun Bowls Week in Full Swing

Monday, October 19, 2015

October news....

This has been a particularly beautiful Spring – I’m not sure if is to do with the much warmer temperatures but the gardens at wyndford have just flourished.  The roses have been dripping off the bushes, although we did loose a few earlier, from sunburn apparently, when the heat in August and no new leaves yet, withered the stems.
Den and Cabin’s upgrade, to all for whom this is a favourite room, is now complete. Resplendent with a new bathroom complete with slipper bath… and shower!  Crystal Palace rejuvination is underway – and as the name suggests with a touch of velvet and a little bling!
The farm yard is bustling, what with 5 new piggies, 3 new bunnies a gosling or two, and the addition of a new tortoise to join Charlotte. Perry, as he is named (…perriscope - his neck is mighty long…) arrived recently after being conviscated at the border where an attempt was being made to trade him for two cows. We have since been given permission to adopt him, with all the necessary paperwork and he is racing round the garden.  Yes really… the hare wouldn’t stand a chance with him, and he is also exceedingly social – no trouble to head into the house and track down the cats food!! The verdict is still out as to whether Charlotte is happy to have him around and there is a lot of shell bumping that goes on.
As our grapes look like little pinheads, the good news is that the cherries are already available in the area – so if they are your favourites, give the girls a call on 0582230274 and book soon.  A little more advanced notice for the tour groups, heading to Katse, Clarens and Golden Gate, from 24 – 29 January and 6 – 11 March 2016. Sit back, relax and let someone else do the driving!
Lisa Kowalsky is our latest monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people!   It could be you - head off to the website to enter on and we will keep you up to date on with all the news.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's that wonderful time of year...

... the Cherries are here!  Don't wait to late to book.... 058 2230274 Give us a call!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wyndford Spring news...

Don’t you just love Spring! There seems to be a new energy in the air, and certainly in the farmyard! Clover gave birth to Vanilla, and a week later Chocolat arrived, (No not from Clover…!) excitedly watched by guests and staff alike.  Two girl calves – fresh farm milk guaranteed for the next while!  The roses are sprouting, the fruit trees are in full blossom, the daffodils and snowdrops are waving gently in the breeze. It puts a smile on ones face!
Chocolat and (below) Clover with Vanilla

We were glad of the few drops of rain, which cleared the dusty air and gave everything a sparkle.  Also getting a fresh shine is Den and Cabin – renovations are underway for this old gem to boast a new bathroom, under floor heating and a fresh lease on life!
Two events to put a spring into parents steps… kids six and under stay free between 27 September and 16th October 2015.  And….. the Spider (butterfly and all general crawlies) man is due back on the 6th November. Join us for a fascinating and stone turning weekend! We have planted some Australian Heathers at the gate, figured that if the animals from that land are anything to go by…. Maybe they will bite the Dassies back!
Alan Wheeler is our latest monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people!   It could be you - head off to the website to enter on and we will keep you up to date on with all the news.

Star of Bethlehem and Daffodils

Sunday, August 16, 2015

We were asked recently…  “Is Wyndford a good place for a family get together?” Absolutely, was my immediate response! Family is what we are about and like nothing better to have tables of excited guests sharing meals that no-one had to worry about preparing and just simply enjoy each other.  Plan in advance, round everyone up from across the world and all corners of South Africa, we feed and look after you and you have fun with each other!! Something for young and old to do together and no-one stresses as to who is to cook and clean.
Always great to see our return guests and catch up with the latest family news. Folk who come as young marrieds, then bring along the next generation of Wyndford kids – we enjoyed the Evertse's latest visit along with their recently added threesome!
Maybe we can borrow the words from Tracey van den Berg  “Our few days at Wyndford Holiday Farm continued in much the same way…eating, hiking, horse riding, tennis, sleeping, games and eating some more. So what made this so special?  Well, the fact that we spent so much quality time together as a family. No outside influence. No television – not once in 5 days – and no junk food.  Somehow the air that you breathe seems fresher and the pillow you lay your head to rest on seems so much more welcoming. It’s like inhaling a deep breath and exhaling all the unhealthy “stuff” that we have somehow allowed into our lives. If you have ever wanted to stop the frenetic pace of life and just bail out, then Wyndford Holiday Farm is your hide away and lastly, the Free State is unbelievably beautiful!”
Life on the farm continues, with never a dull moment – went shopping for catnip last week and came back with 6 chickens… Rainbow, Supreme and Rocklands are now well settled in the farmyard and Oh, as it has been so warm, Charlotte (our tortoise) is out of hibernation albeit a little sluggish. The fruit trees are all pruned, the roses are underway and this week saw the work start on the bowling green - it puts a smile on my face as we see Sping slowly start to emerge!

Joining us soon will be Jane Ritchie  - our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people!   It could be you - head off to the website to enter on and we will keep you up to date on with all the news.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wyndford Winter News....

The beautiful Eastern Free State clothed in winter garb as we get another snow forecast for this week…

Johan and Wessel completed the Polar Bear Plunge held annually in this very chilly dam – hats off to them- the rest of us stood well wrapped up on the sidelines and cheered (very important job that…)
The sweet peas have been pruned, once again, by our resident duiker as has the rhubard (well, a little more than pruned, unfortunately) by the rascal piglets who broke out of the enclosure.  It would also appear, that the dassies have won…. ! Our garden at the front gate was doing fantastically with Namaqualand daisies shooting up, well, that’s history – is there anything dassies don’t eat?
Talking of eating we have tried a new lunch dish…. Bunny Chows (how ironic).  Slowly roasted mutton in a freshly baked roll, served with an apple slaw, definitely got the Yum and thumbs up!
The Stargazing weekend was a hit with young and old, our thanks to Robert for his enthusiastic assistance. The familiarity of recognized faces was dealt a blow, when Angelina – head waitress for nearly 20 years – retired recently.
Don’t delay in booking your time away, there is still availability for the long weekend in September and the school holidays -  for anything sooner, visit the website to catch any last minute specials. 
Joining us soon will be Barbara Parks - our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people!   It could be you - head off to the website to enter on and we will keep you up to date on with all the news.

To close, we have this little black rabbit, Peter, who squeezes …. But maybe that’s a story for another time! Until then, stay well and warm, greetings from the Wyndford Team!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Did someone say Snow..... and Special...?!!

5, 6 and 7th June 2015
Yep, this weekend only - stay Friday, Saturday, Sunday and only pay for two nights!! 
Call us now on 058-2230274 or
Fur coats optional...

Monday, May 25, 2015

Wyndford May....hem!

Winter has made himself known with lower temperatures and nippy breezes which makes us grateful for our roaring log fire in the nearly complete and ‘facelifted’ lounge.  Actually all we need are marshmallows….
Misty Winter Morning
 We are all so over blackjack season! It seems like every time ones turns round there is another animal that needs brushing and generally detangling. As the dryness creeps over the lands, it brings with it the worry of fires and the need to do breaks.  At least this year, Angelique, Jenny and I will graciously retire and leave it to Wessel and Johan - Phew!

 Wyndford is certainly a wonderful place to celebrate special birthdays as we can attest to! George celebrated his seniorship along with family and friends this past weekend (he is now eligible for his 30% discount!!) Remember that the discounts (20% for four night or longer stay) apply over the June / July holidays, so book soon to avoid disappointment.  We are also on the snow report and will keep all budding snowman builders informed if there is the possibility of the white stuff arriving at any time!
We currently have a special running of a ‘stay for four days only pay for three’ at the beginning of June. While trying to keep up with technology – and the times - we have attempted to go onto an online booking system, without much success - Ooops! It would appear that we are not able to fit into the norm and so, for now, we will stay with our cheerful office staff on the phone and emails.  Ah, the joys of being unique!! Anyway….. back to the special! Give us a call on  058-2230274 or to find out more of these savings.
Well, it was so exciting to have twin lambs born, it seemed like double the excitement. They were doing really well and it is sad to have to say, that one died this afternoon.  We think that she accidentally got tangled with Ponty’s hooves - he was very distressed, not wanting to leave the paddock (he and the sheep have always walked home together)  and so tender in trying to nudge it up with his nose. (The down side of farm life…)
Charlotte (our tortoise) appears to have settled into her hibernation, although we haven’t had any minus temperatures… yet! As I write this, there is a cacophony of birdsong, beautiful sunshine, glorious mountain vistas… and the aromas of Sunday lunch.
 Joining us soon will be Katherine Berry - our monthly draw winner of a two night stay (not in the paddock…) out of season for two people!   Head off to the website to enter on and we will keep you up to date on with all the news.

Warm greetings from the Wyndford Team!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Winter special......

 Special........ Free Nights!!
Between 31st May and 11th June 2015
Pay for THREE and stay for FOUR!
Call 058-2230274 or email NOW.....

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

Wyndford' Autumn news...

Guests were on the edge this morning, literally! It’s been a busy week with abseiling and zip lining as well as covering nearly all the Wyndford walks. We are into that wonderful time of year, with crisp clear days and chilly evenings – perfect for hot chocolate round the fire.
 The Autumn palette this year has been particularly spectacular, with the Liquid Ambers along the drive looking stunning. It unfortunately doesn’t always stay around for long, as one stiff puff of wind and all the leaves end up in a pile on the ground!

 …….and those blue suede shoes? … have to keep a lookout for them!!
Rambo, it would appear, has once again been busy as we are expecting another little lamb at some stage – it has to have been achieved before black jack season as they would otherwise still be attached. Close attachments were also formed in our pig family as we have another five babies – great fun to watch their antics! Dandy did himself an injury to his forehead – a horse with a headache is a sorry sight indeed!
Wyndford will shortly have a new generator which will run the whole farm and not just the main kitchen block – an unexpected upgrade… but one we felt necessary for our guests continued comfort (and stress levels!). The lounge is slowly taking shape, with the new stained glass lampshades and some of the upholstery back.
With temperatures already down low, we have had our first frost, the garden is slowing down with the last of the summer carrots finding their way to the rabbits instead of into the kitchen, thanks to young Cassidy, Sebastion and cousin Hannah!  Ooops…

May sees the Spiderman (he does Butterflies too!) here on the weekend of the 15 – 17 May – well worth a trip down with the kids to learn and enjoy.  Remember also, that June, July and August school holidays are out of season for families so a 20% discount applies to all four night or longer reservations.
Congratulations to Helen Berriman - our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people!   Head off to the website to enter on and we will keep you up to date on with all the news.
Warm greetings from the Wyndford Team!

PS I’ll leave you with some extra pictures …

Monday, March 23, 2015

March News....

Rambo works….. we were worried there for a moment! Mary safely delivered Little Lamb II on Monday and so brings our flock up to a grand total of four!  Actually I always thought that lambs usually arrived in Spring but we are very definitely into Autumn here in the Eastern Free State.  The poplars are turning golden and the cosmos is beginning to bloom.  A photographers dream…

Looking heavenward…. Join us on the 10 – 12 April for the Stargazing weekend with the Faltemeirers and the possibility of some scouting tips along the way from Robert – wonderful for the kids.
We also have a last minute special running!
How would you like a FREE day.....? (Yes really!) Between the 19 - 24 April BOOK for 4 nights PAY for 3!!                         
 Call us on 058 223 074 now so as not to miss out!
We have had a good crop of porcini mushrooms this year, adding extra flavor to meals. Celvin continues to tweak our menu with the latest addition being basil pesto and mozzarella filled chicken breasts coated with almond flour and parmesan cheese – Yum!

The lounge has just begun it’s overhaul, a slow process, waiting for upholstery and curtains to be made, but exciting none the less. We are also hoping to renovate and upgrade Crystal Palace and Den & Cabin sometime this year but more about that later.
Charlotte (our tortoise) is still out and about – so no hibernation hole as yet! In fact, she has taken to parking on the verandah along with Dodge, our husky, and the three cats. I did also wonder what the hail we had yesterday sounds like from inside a tortoises shell?!  Oh, ok Ponty… he has just hurrumphed from the paddock to send his greetings to you all.
Our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people, Ryan Gaskin!   Head off to the website to enter on and we will keep you up to date on with all the news.

Happy hugs from the Wyndford Team!

Monday, February 23, 2015

February News....

Well, although the Smith’s have been on leave, things on the farm carry on as usual – much like the last 90 years.  Guests come and go, meals prepared and enjoyed, animals arrive and depart, staff move on and we are joined by new members… and the sun shines and shines and shines and occasionally we get rain – YAY!

Heading to Ibis Gorge – one of our favorite parts of the farm
No tubing at the moment as the river is particularly low, and the garden has also been taking strain.  A water leak under Camelot had us perplexed for a long time and some new pipes were discovered in the maze that is the Wyndford waterworks!  The fruit trees are giving up their bounty with pears, apples and grapes the next in line for preserving and jamming.  Another plan for the garden this year, apart from digging things up for pipes…. is to hopefully start a scented garden at the end of the bowling green, using mostly roses.
Brave…? Cyclists from the Lesotho High Altitude Challenge to raise money for various charities, will be joining us before they head up the Moteng pass ending up at Katse Dam. We wish them oodles of energy and safe travel.
Sadly, we lost Wynza, our biggest horse and a gentle giant recently, as well as another large emu - we are left with three little ones and M. Our nutty hen is once again sitting on eggs, in the fork of the tree – 3 metres up!  Although we do have a (very long) ladder up to the roost it does make for worrying first steps for chicks!!
There is just something special about horses!
We are hoping for an exciting year ahead (apart from the fact that our son is getting married!) with upgrades and new ideas.  Join us on the 10 – 12 April during the school holiday for the Stargazing weekend with the Faltemeirers and the possibility of some scouting tips along the way from Robert!
Our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people, Janet Ginsburg!   Head off to the website to enter on and we will keep you up to date on with all the news.

Greetings from the Wyndford Team!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Weekend Special....

Stay for 3 nights pay for 2 nights!!    
20th February departing 23rd February 2015. If you missed out on doing something special for Valentines…. here is your opportunity to escape to the country and relax. Three meals a day…no cooking, beautiful surroundings in which to chill, great walking, cycling - and so much more.  Call us now on 058 2230274 or email

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy 2015....

Employee of the Month goes to…
… the Reindeers on standby - although it would appear that tired reindeers weren’t the problem…. it was Santa who all our kids found snoozing on the couch!  Woken suddenly, he managed to dish out good cheer- and lots of presents!
We were appreciative of great weather over the holiday season and the pool and jumping castle did overtime.  Apologies to the kids on the last weekend….. the motor wiped its brow and gave up the ghost!
The kitchen did us proud, producing a Christmas tree Pavlova, Rudolf and Elf Dessert, Beef Wellingtons, Snoek Pate among others – so well done Celvin and all his ladies! (Who are all now brightly attired in Turquoise Schwe Schwe – their uniform of choice for this year)  New Year saw us heading to the Chuck wagon and the Wild West as we barn danced the evening away at a foot tapping Pow Wow under the Willow Tree at the Moon Rising under Tortoise Mountain!! (OK so you had to be there……) Maybe next year?
The Faltermeiers were the first up for the buffet breakfast in the summerhouse! Book now and join us and them for the Stargazing weekend or… watch out the Spiderman cometh (yes again!) Dates viewed on our activities page on the website on
I mentioned once before that although you supposedly can’t teach an old dog new tricks, apparently you can with an old horse! Maluti was seen in training (in the over 25 category) going through his jumping training… I can now understand what parents feel like when the kids attempt the abseil rock.
Charlotte and I have come to an understanding – she gets to eat as many daisies in the grass as she likes and avoids my Peonies and Roses! I also think she has been around the farm too long, when on hearing a scraping sound….there she was rubbing an itch back and forth along a low branch….? The pigs do the same on the water trough!
We had six four legged guests for a few days (much to Ponty’s displeasure!) as the border police horses came to stay.  Great to see them having fun up and down the paddock, although I could not persuade them that apples were supposed to be a treat.
A good start for New Year goes to our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people, Irma Rodd!   Head off to the website to enter on and we will keep you up to date on with all the news.
Well friends (you know there are no strangers at Wyndford), we would wish you a 2015 that is filled with promise and good surprises!
Wherever you are – the Wyndford Team sends you warm greetings!
PS… I leave you with this beautiful picture – I think they were maybe discussing shampoo for blondes?