Thursday, December 11, 2014

Reindeer on Standby....

We have it on good authority, that Father Christmas has the Wyndford co-ordinates.  He has visited us faithfully over the years and we always send him a list of little people who are with us and not at home. This year we have reindeer on standby just in case Rudolf and friends need a rest (Some ‘assistants’ are more keen than others…!)
The jumping castle is ready and waiting at the poolside, the menus are all planned – so far the weather is behaving – hot beautiful days and rainy evenings, and the power – well…  that is harder to predict than our wayward sheep! (Note to self….bring a torch on holiday!)
As 2014 draws to a close, we would take this opportunity of thanking everyone who has joined us this year and trusted us with your holidays!  If you didn’t make it – we look forward to welcoming you in 2015.
An early Christmas present goes to our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people, Lisa Hendrikse!  Head off to the website to enter on and we will keep you up to date on with all the fun happenings at Wyndford over the holiday period.
Travel safe if you are on the move, stay safe if you are at home!

Wherever you are – the Wyndford Team (ok, reindeers, quit jingling your bells – that includes you) sends you warm greetings!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Extreme Sports - Wyndford Style!

It is an awful long way down....
Right, lets decide who is going first...
or we could bungi jump - no strings attached
You can do it - don't be chicken!! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November News...

The last month has been so beautiful at Wyndford, I wish more of you could have been here to enjoy it.  The roses obviously enjoyed the really cold dry months before, as they came out dressed to impress for the Spring show. Along with Lupins, Foxgloves, one ranunculi (ok, so we didn’t get it all right) and beautiful peonys! Sitting in the gardens is a restoring and calming pastime, listening to the singing of the many birds and bees activity.

Talking of that, we have welcomed six piglets to the fold and two beautiful calves, one a little girl named Yogi (thinking ahead).  The Geese are sitting on nests and if they increase the population much more, we might have to look into making them into duvets. One chap who passed on recently was Peter, our Vulturine Guineafowl – we think from old age – as he was about 12 years old.  I was tempted to ask Joseph to pluck him for New Year – for his beautiful feathers that is….sorry, that sounded wrong – but decided to let him RIP!

Our new Piggly Wiggly Bench situated overlooking the horse and pig paddock, leads you through the vegetable garden, which is looking good, and the bunnies had a party when we did a thinning out of carrots.  The produce of carrots, beets, beans, tomatoes, marrow, pumpkin, spinach, rhubarb has taken off as well as the rocket and we look forward to serving home grown, organic vegetables and herbs!  We have once again (episode 6 at least) planted the gardens at the gate (note to self…. the vegie gardener cannot scatter seeds – they are all coming up in straight rows) and the ongoing saga of the Dassies vs the Dame continues….!

As I write this we have had a few days of amazing rains, 68.5mm and counting. The Caledon rivers are flowing but not deep enough yet to go tubing!  The rains have popped the leaves out on my Pecan nut tree – a good sign as we thought we had lost it – but am I the only gardener whose tree is shorter a year after planting? The only one not enjoying the rain seems to be Charlotte the tortoise but then I might also, if my house had openings back and front.
Well, we are well into Cherry time, Asparagus abounds on the menu and the veld is looking greener after the dreadful fires earlier in the year.  Tractors are up and down as the farmers plant…. and the Bowling Green is just that, green! - ready for the fun tournament at the end of the month. Come and visit to experience the beauty that is the Eastern Free State.
Congratulations to our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people, Tessa Rice!  Head off to the website to enter on or keep up to date on

Greetings from us all, the Wyndford Team… Yes, a picture at last!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Piggly (Giggly) Wiggly Bench

A natural anti-depressant! A few minutes spent watching the antics of these irascible critters will lighten your heart and bring forth a chuckle!  You can now sit quietly on our new bench in the veggie garden and watch the pigs as well as the horses and cows, play! 
Oops can't seem to get video to work, view on

It would appear that we may not have a black sheep but we do have a black pig!

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Spiderman came!

Thanks to Peter Webb (yes, it really is his name) who came last weekend and had our guests peering under stones and over bushes for anything creepy or crawly! A great weekend was had by all and he is coming back so watch out for future dates....

Thursday, October 9, 2014

October news...

Sitting in the evening, with full moon shining down on the farm, not another light in sight was a special moment. Nothing stirring, no noise other than the occasional (very insistent) cricket chirping. I think it is a good time to take our guests on a night walk and maybe find our elusive owl.
The sun birds have been very busy and visible and it seems a cacophony of birdsong is the daytime melody. Unfortunately the one bird we all wait to hear, the Piet-my-vrou, is still very quiet.  We would love to hear him herald the coming of rain…

The three baby Emu’s have been running time trials and seem well on their way to keeping up with mom’s longer legs.  Their early spots have turned to stripes and they are now tall enough to pop their heads over the edge of the water trough. This time of year sees us all on garden watch.  The horses and cows (and Charlotte the tortoise…) all try to get a bite of the new growth of flowers and grass and there was a shout recently that there was a cow (fortunately one not two!) near the Ark - I had visions of squashed roses, irises and hoof marked grass.

After such a cold winter, interestingly, many of the indigenous plants were burnt with the cold wind.  Spring seems a little late but we eagerly look forward to the green after the brown. Our local specialties - Asparagus and Cherries are due in the near future and look forward to having them on our menu.  Remember the Cherry Festival is the weekend of the 21st November, book soon so as not to be disappointed. November is also a good time for all the over sixty’s to take advantage of the 30% senior discount before the December school holidays.

The sheep are feeling lighter on their feet after Joseph gave them all haircuts (we did recommend that he doesn’t give up his day job for barbering!) Keith and Michelle are settling in well – Roland, you will have company at Christmas time on a long walk – Keith did the Frog and all the way to Queen Victoria and back on Sunday afternoon.
Congratulations to our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people,  Alida Kelfkens!  Head off to the website to enter on or keep up to date on
 We wish all ‘our’ kids (big and small) preparing for exams well, and parents extra energy for the year end windup! Giddy-up….now that might be a clue to our New Years theme…..

Greetings from us all, the Wyndford Family  .  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Knock Knock.....

Your morning tea, coffee or Milo arrives at your door. You amble down to breakfast and the room is tidied on return. The bell rings at 11..... scones with jam and cream? A quiet read until lunch time with homemade soup and bread, Babotie and finishing with creme caramel and locally roasted coffee. A walk, tennis or a swim until 4 when tea and biscuits appear in the summerhouse. A mellow sundown until dinner of  Roast Pork & Apple Sauce and Baked Ginger pudding or maybe something from the Cheese board! Then action cricket for the young at heart. NO dishes, NO laundry or cleaning NO shopping for food or planning the menu..... IT IS NO JOKE......THIS could be you AND there is a special on offer for OCTOBER! 10 for 10 for 10 - call the girls on 058 2230274 or email

Saturday, September 20, 2014

September news...

Mary, Little Lamb and Rambo are taking strain.  Woolie winter coats are fantastic at minus 11 but our weather seems to have decided to skip Spring and go straight to Summer, and as much as we are all desperate for some rain, I fear the sheep will have a huge problem should they get wet.  They will become so heavy their legs might disappear… maybe I should turn them into jerseys…
We have a group of ladies here who have never ridden horses before and there is much laughter and chatter along the road. After 25 led rides Zazu and the boys are looking a little weary – in fact Maluti was starting to look mulish and Starlight definitely seemed a little dimmer!
We are getting additional weight lifting exercise removing Charlotte, our tortoise, from getting embedded in the few spring flowers that are out and walking all over the newly shooting Peonies. She and I are going to come to blows – don’t you just hate it when someone withdraws when you are having a serious discussion with them!
There is great debate among us as to whether M is the Dad or the Mom looking after the baby Emu’s – but whoever, they are fiercely protective.  E has been banished so many times she is now sharing accommodation with Peter – our vulturine guinea fowl and the ducks in the farmyard. U unfortunately had a heart attack from the banishment and is no more.
It seems hard to believe that it is only three months to the New Year and we have a few specials up our sleeves to ensure that you are able to take a well earned breather, before the run up to end of year madness. Don’t forget our Spiderman cometh in October from the 10 – 12th to enlighten us about Spiders, bugs, creepy crawlies and macro photography. There is still place available on the tours in November, give the girls in the office a call to check dates or email us and we can send you all the information. Also a reminder that the Cherry Festival takes place in November.
Our October special is 10 for 10 for 10!  The first ten days of the tenth month, during the school holidays, all kids get a 10% discount !J  If you stay for longer than four nights the whole family gets a 10% discount!
Our monthly draw winner this month is Jessica Gounden! (Some asked… so what do they win? A two night stay out of season for two people!)  So head off to the website to enter on
Team news is that the Smith’s had a wonderful adventure in the Okavango Delta, Moremi, Victoria Falls and Hwange (once again… thank goodness for George’s well known driving skills!) Always wonderful though, to arrive at the Wyndford entrance and realize what a wonderful place we live in. On our return we have been joined by Keith (seen here, becoming acquainted with the Rock Rabbit Ramble…) and Michelle Roth. They certainly had a baptism of fire… fighting fires the first week on staff – we did warn them that the job description is flexible, unusual and never boring!

We leave you with this delightful picture of the Jordaan family who celebrated a 10th birthday with seven boys for the weekend….well done Mom and Dad!!

Greetings from us all, the Wyndford Family.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July News

The Eastern Free State is looking good in her winter finery, under spectacular blue skies in bright sunshine. Although, the gardens at Wyndford are a little on the bedraggled side after some of the lowest temperatures we remember and one wonders how they can possibly recover.

Even the winter flowering plants are taking strain with flower pots popping due to the icy conditions.  Minus 11 also gives you new attractions in the form of … fountains(!) as pipes burst and squirt which is very pretty unless you are the plumber…
E, M and U have added to our farmyard population in the form of four babies.  They waddle along on very short legs and much to mom’s distress manage to escape the pen on a regular basis heading off down the drive on their own mission – kids will be kids!

The Spiderman cometh…… We have a special weekend planned from the 10 – 12 October on Spiders, bugs, creepy crawlies and macro photography. (I can think of a few little boys whose eyes will light up at that…) Peter Webb who is a member of the Lepidopterist  Society of Africa (the butterfly brigade) and a registered collector / photographer for ARC (Agricultural Research Council) in respect of spiders will lead us with walks, talks and pictures. Give us a call on 058-2230274 or email on so as not to miss out.
Also not to be missed - is the special from 11th August to 5th September during the school holidays where the 20% discount applies for a four night or longer stay. Take advantage of this to top up and recharge for the last half of the year! Aaah which reminds me of the Step lesson from Zip Clip Step  - how many of you remember that?!
Unfortunately, our very placid Jersey bull, Quella - who unlike his predecessor Bliksem  (enough said!)- was very approachable, died suddenly last week.  He made good babies and we will miss him. Buster, Maluti, Zazu and the other horses have had a busy season clipping to the gate and back, passing a very well camouflaged Charlotte who even after all these cold nights is gratefully still hissing at me in tortoise!
Our monthly draw winner this month is Jennifer Sanders! (Some asked… so what do they win? A two night stay out of season for two people!)  So head off to the website to enter on
Chat to you next month, until then stay well and warm from the Wyndford Team

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A few specials coming up...

August special - 20% discount applies for all four night or longer stays during the August school holidays - don't delay give the girls a call on 058-2230274!

and then....
Join us on 10 - 12th October 2014  for Bugs, Spiders and Macro Photography....
Suitable for all ages, Peter Webb - a member of the Lepidopterist Society of Africa (the butterfly brigade...) and registered collector/ photographer for the ARC (agricultural Research Council) in respect of Spiders will help us discover and photograph anything little and wiggly! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

June News from the farm

 Have you ever tried to plant seedlings with a husky watching every move… note to self for future… do not use bonemeal  - the plants might like it but the husky can’t resist!  I am nervous to venture out to the garden at Den and Cabin to see if the seedlings there have survived the night, no not the minus temperature, rather being eaten by the buck.  Celvin did see him ambling past the Ark and Dorchester, in no particular hurry the other evening – I think he thinks that we plant all these delicious things just to keep him going over winter and for no other reason.  As for the dassies at the gate garden… well that is a whole other story!
 Neither the Buck nor the Dassies were abliging about a photo shoot so herewith some winter gems!
We are once again expectantly waiting.  Daddy Emu is splayed out on the floor covering (we don’t know how many) beautiful blue eggs.  One needs to approach with caution as M and U are very protective… watch this space!  The bunnies are just relaxing and recouping until the next school holidays.
I have just responded to someone, that I will be faxing their form to them – as soon as my new computer….talks to my old printer! I have new everything it would seem, including wrinkles and grey hairs.  The website as a new update – I have to learn how to use it all over again, hence no new pictures.  Facebook has a new look on our ‘page’ (check it out…) although I can’t quite seem to work out some of the things I used to do on it.  The new computer (wow, it looks good and is fast) but I keep wanting to slide my fingers across the screen – Windows 8 – and spend a lot of time going round in circles and even Epsom (the big daddy photographic printer) doesn’t have a driver (?) yet…. So this brings me to Christmas.  
How… I hear you say!
Well, every year in planning the menu, I strive for something new (pudding suggestion looks exciting – thanks Natasha!) But, would it be good just to have the familiar, same old… tradition? Where you know ahead of time what to expect and can enjoy the anticipation.  Where the familiar is safe, known and no change is presented.  I digress…
Charlotte the tortoise has moved lodgings – the sandstone bank she had chosen kept crumbling and only allowed for parallel parking (she is a girl, she can do it).  As of a few days ago, just ahead of our minus 6 this morning, Charlotte is now safely parked into last year’s bay,  garage style.
Nothing much changes at Wyndford.  We tweak and always try to improve everything,  but we can be relied upon (since 1923ish) to be here as you remember.  There is availability for the August (still winter Mrs Morton) school holidays, as well as the September break – aaaah Spring in the making – but that is for another time.
Our monthly draw winner for this month is Erika Geerthsen!
Stay warm, well and know you are always welcome at Wyndford.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

May news

You just have to read to the end… to see our Chilly Season Special.
Well, someone who is not chilly is Mary, Little Lamb and Rambo – woolly coats are a great plus in this weather but not much fun during black jack season… they are looking more like overgrown hedgehogs!!
We are reliably informed by some of our guests that our pigs speak English (?) and the Emu’s are once again courting… we think.  I was going to say, onto the two legged news – but that would include the Emu’s and then you might consider me as featherbrained.

Jaco has departed for London town, and apart from getting lost once or twice seems to be enjoying himself and all things new and exciting. Michael joined us after the Easter weekend and his head has not stopped spinning with something new to learn each day!  (he now understands why there was no job description…). Jenny is off on three weeks leave and Angelique and Celvin have been considering this time last year, when Celvin was in hospital with a broken back.  Thankfully recovered well enough to have taken Cassidy and Sebastian on the bench walk yesterday – at 18 months, Sebastian made it all the way with only a few trip ups – we teach them young on the farm!
After many years of deliberation, 100 Hellebores and 100 Peonie bulbs were purchased for the gardens.  It has been a slow but exciting procedure to get everything in the ground – along with the 1000 or so seedlings... (roll on Spring!) The only miscue was having one of my three gardeners on leave and the other having heart surgery, needless to say, I have spent a fair bit of time on my knees lately… (I shall stand in line next time Ponty gets a pedicure).
Ok, so you have waited long enough – herewith our…
Time to put your feet up Chilly Season Special…

30th May – 1st June 2014 Adults pay full rates & children under the age of 12 yrs stay for free! (the kids have to belong to you!)…. between the 17th June and the 27th June 2014  Pay for 2 nights stay for 3  or Pay for 4 nights & Stay for 6!!     If you can’t make use of this fantastic offer – share with someone who could!
And as a reminder to the teachers and all out there who can’t take holidays in term time, remember our special 20% discount over June and July for a 4 night or longer stay. If you are already booked to join us at this time and want to head up to play in the snow (none as yet), check your passports as you will need them to go into Lesotho.
Well, must dash, the boys are cooking up a storm at the braai (or that might just be Starling pie..)!
Congratulations to our monthly draw winner, Ryan Hill.

Until next time, warm greetings from us all at Wyndford. 

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Time to put your feet up with our Chilly Season Special…

Time to put your feet up with our Chilly Season Special…

30th May – 1st June 2014 Adults pay full rates & kids under the age of 12yrs stay for free!

…. between the 17th June and the 27th June 2014 
 Pay for 2 nights stay for 3 or
 Pay for 4 nights & Stay for 6!!
 If you can’t make use of this fantastic offer...share with a friend..!
 (T&C’s apply)

Steam Train Expedition this morning!

Steam Train trip this morning! Enjoyed by all - great for photographers, steam train enthusiasts, history boffs and the rest of us along for a gentle ride in rhythm t the toots and 'I think I can I think I can' chugs!

Friday, April 4, 2014

March News

The comic book version of peak traffic at Wyndford!  Sheep were definitely made to follow and not to lead, they are decidedly wayward out in front and end up under the trees or visiting Outlook!

Our effective weedeater (aka Charlotte the tortoise) is munching merrily and stocking up for her annual hibernation.  She shuffled into our lounge last week, much to Phini’s, horror who then proceeded to redirect her with great difficulty, possibly looking for a good warm place to park for three months!
George and I have just done a road trip round South Africa, through the flat plains of the Northern Cape, down the West coast with its undulating mountains, to the majesty of the Stellenbosch peaks and we have to say, it is always good to be home at Wyndford.  The spectacular sweep of the driveway with the impressive rocks on either side reaffirms that the Eastern Free State is an often undiscovered gem in our country.  If you haven’t visited, now is particularly beautiful with the changing of the seasons painting the landscape with wonderful Autumnal colours. 
Along with the reds, oranges and yellows of the leaves the roads are lined with the annual display of cosmos. Fantastic for photography, especially with the brilliant blue of the sky and the build up of clouds.

So, it is maybe time to pack up the jumping castle at the pool and swop it for log fires and winter tramps in the crisp mountain air.  We have a special in May where you can join us for bowls and steam trains - or just one or the other.  Call the girls in the office on 058-223 0274 for more information. School holidays are also booking up so don’t leave it too late!
The latest news from the kitchen is that we are now serving our own homemade yoghurt!  With the added boost of milk from Princess and Clover (when she isn’t stroppy and kicking over the bucket!) we have had some lessons, one or two batches that the pigs enjoyed…. And are now producing a delicious vanilla yoghurt for breakfast!  We have been able to serve home grown marrows, carrots, beetroot, beans, tomatoes and wonderful Rhubarb from the veggie garden and it makes going into the winter months a little harder.  The ground here becomes so hard even the moles give up after bumping their heads in the frozen soil (I wonder where they go ….).
We do know however, where Jaco is going.  London’s calling! He will be heading out at the end of April to explore the world.  Anyone know anyone who would like to fill his big boots?  Please get in touch with us if you think you would be a suitable ‘fit’ and have the Wyndford heart! We would also be open to a young couple…
Our monthly draw winner is Debbie Richter!   Congratulations we look forward to being able to welcome you to Wyndford shortly.
Remember, call now to catch the Cosmos! And you can keep up to date with us on

Greetings from the Wyndford Team

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Today at Wyndford...

We tasted our first attempt at making yoghurt, and it was yummy! Also pruned the Magnolia tree (I hope it forgives me and grows again...) without dislodging mummy bird on her nest. 

That branch will have to wait to be pruned until we have Junior take off!

Monday, February 24, 2014

February news

The sky is such a bright blue, it almost hurts your eyes… temperatures so hot even the birds don’t have energy to sing they sit and fan themselves instead, so has been our February thus far! 
The wheels fell off… twice, (another story) but we managed to safely relocate Princess and Clover, our two new milk ladies into the paddock!  They arrived from a nearby farm to much bellowing and right royal mooing and duly gave Joseph a hard time in the milking shed -  just add Milo for instant chocolate milkshake!

We have a fun bowls week planned from 11 - 16 May which also includes a morning trip on the Steam Train and a visit to the Train Museum at Sandstone Estates - which although planned for seniors – anyone is welcome to join us!  Call Angelique or Jenny in the office to find out more information on 058-2230274.  If you can’t make this date check out the activities page on the website for other  alternatives –
Jaco rues the day he taught people to play golf so well that guests are now beating him at this card game of an evening. He might just  have to change the rule that says the loser makes hot chocolate for the winners afterwards as he has been kept busy of late.
Mary and Little Lamb who arrived at Christmas time, have spent the last few weeks in our garden as the grass is wonderfully green…however, Little Lamb’s preference for roses instead of grass, means that as of this morning – and along with Rambo - a new addition who will have to grow into his name (and occupation)…. have moved across the drive into the paddock with Ponty, our stallion.  It was either that or Lamb stew….
We’re often asked which is the best season to come to Wyndford - every season has it’s own beauty and special treats!  These are a few of the first pumpkins and mushrooms from the forest.

Our monthly draw winners for February are Brian & Judy Stone! We look forward to welcoming you to Wyndford in the near future.  March and April school holidays are filling up so don’t wait too long to call… and remember to keep up to date on

We leave you with a picture (and a smile) taken by Kirsty and George on the road to Fouriesburg… traveling African style!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wish for all ‘Wyndford’ Kids….

As you start your school, or varsity year we would give you the ZIP CLIP STEP lesson from us here at Wyndford.
May you always approached anything new with the same courage as you did on the Zip line.. Scary as you sit on the high platform not knowing what it is going to be like!  Letting go, then flying free and…actually enjoying it after all, knowing that George is there to catch you at the other end, and your folks cheering you all the way.

Sometimes new things are scary! When you are short enough to fit under the belly of Maluti or Dusty, it is hard to get up into the saddle.  Then, with a little help from Joseph you are up and clipping off down the road. So taking the first ride is the hardest and one day you will come and ride alone and free.

Then there is the Chin of the Tortoise… how big that mountain seems, when along with Jaco and Dozy you look up!  Remember, the way to get to the top of any mountain is by taking one step at a time.  Don’t worry about how far or high it is, one foot in front of the other is the way to go.  Then you will reach the top and all the things you though were too big actually seem quite small.

Remember… Zip Clip Step!  Have a wonderful year…

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Welcome to Wyndford 2014

The thing about having such wonderful guests, is that when they leave it feels like saying goodbye to family! We have enjoyed our season with everyone over Christmas and New Year.  Despite the sometimes unpredictable weather, we have managed one tubing session down the Caledon, a couple of trips for sundowners at the river crossing, and many walks (well not me personally…) of varying lengths, durations and speed!

We did suggest to Roland that he would need a larger fishing rod to catch a cow….
The horse team spent most mornings clipping up the drive to the accompanying chatter of small people and clicking cameras – a great way to exercise the parents!  The new jumping castle was a hit with the kids, and in combination with Jaco, kept little (and not so little) people occupied – and cool – in the pool.

Christmas day saw Father Christmas, escorted by Buster and an Elf (of sorts), arrive after tea and a wonderful ‘Mrs Callister’ Christmas Cake! We then migrated to the pool area for a Christmas buffet in glorious weather.  Old Year’s Eve saw all Knights and Ladies, would be Robin Hood’s and Maid Marion’s arrive, suitably clad… oh and the odd (did I say odd..) Friar Tuck or two.  We had fun (bows and arrows drawn, sack races, apple bobbing to name a few) as well as some clan wars!  After feasting on roasted pig and honey glazed prime rib we packed up the old year and welcomed the first morning in with a leisurely picnic breakfast in the Summerhouse.

The Wyndford Team as you have never seen them before….
There were those who chose to hibernate with a (hopefully) good book, snooze under the willow tree or enjoy a sociable game of bowls, and then more energetic who cycled round the mountain and then some!  One is reminded of the song sung by Denzl and Hensie of Rooibaardt fame - the Bare Necessities… the simple things in life. A little girl dances uninhibitedly across the lawn as we enjoy music in the garden as the sun sets. 

As the sun sets on this season, we look forward in anticipation of welcoming you once again to Wyndford during 2014.