Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hello Spring...

Yay, Spring has sprung in all its glorious brightness. The Wisteria is abuzz with bumble bees and there is a happy hum generally around all the new growth. The bowling green is coming along well, soon to be open for play again and the blossoms on the fruit trees give a promise of jam to come.

Adora is doing well and although still being bottle fed has settled in well to her place in the flock. It’s been a busy week with another lamb born and the start of shearing…. a relatively easy job with one or two sheep but, as Rambo has been doing so well – we now have eleven – and only three have cool summer uniforms so far! Now to learn how to spin….

Never a dull moment from the office point of view… job descriptions are never fixed, and the girls have been helping fight fires, controlling traffic through the smoke up the S bends or test driving new horses. Thank goodness for multitasking!! Although… there was another kind of flapping on a few occasions other than the ones the men used to put out the fires…..

The long weekend has come and gone and saw many children enjoying farm life, cycling, horse riding, walking and even swimming – although no-one stayed in for long!

School holidays are upon us and a good time to book that break before the end of year rush…  The Spiderman will be joining us for the weekend of the 13th – 15th October when he will show us the fascinating world of scorpions, bees, spiders, butterflies…. An exciting and enlightening treat, as all those who have joined us before can attest to!  We also have a SPECIAL for the week, arriving Monday the 9th October departing Friday 13th October STAY FOR FOUR nights and only PAY FOR THREE!!

Enjoying all of this for a two night stay for two out of season will be Kelly Walker who is our monthly draw winner.  Whoop whoop, come and enjoy!

Well, that’s all for now, we wish you happy days and hope to see you soon. 

Tel 0582230274 
We leave you with a picture that made us smile this week...... A man, a donkey and..... a shopping trolley?!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

One Macchiato please…. Cappacino our cow had a baby - and a very protective mom she is too. As it is a girl (and will eventually -  looking ahead - come with milk, we decided on calling her Macchiato instead of Espresso…!  Our lambs are not fairing as well, Mom gave up, we lost one of the twins and Angelique has taken Dora (yes, really – sort of from A-Dora-ble) home to bottle feed her (Celvin doesn’t yet know about the night feeds….)

Dusty will be leaving us soon to become a city boy, moving to Kyalami, where he will be able to be the ‘only child’ he’s always wanted to be.  We will miss him, but our other horses won’t, as he is not a team player!  Charlotte made an appearance this afternoon, - I was wondering why the water bowl had been emptied the last few days – and promptly scoffed two large courgettes and a bag of lettuce.  I will miss hibernation… they are quite demanding once up and about, and Perry will quite happily come inside to eat cat food if we don’t feed him timeously!

Although the Japonicas are flowering (and abuzz with bees) the roses are still dormant. Not even tiny shoots yet and one wonders if we have pruned too early.  This week sees the closure of the bowling green to start the spring preparations of cutting and scarifying, hollow tinning, topdressing and then watering… lots! Hopefully we will have some spring rains to aid this along, although not looking hopeful.

We are also slowing trying to replant our orchard, and have made great progress with the laying of an irrigation dropper system – now for some more trees. There are times when I think how wonderful and easy a tiny little yard would be to look after…. Then Molly and Sprocket are spotted roaring through the gardens, children cycling all round (sometimes at breakneck speeds… down the stairs..!) and it is all worthwhile.

If you have not yet booked for September and October, get onto it! When spring comes, Wyndford and the Eastern Free State are so pretty – and it includes things like Honey Glazed Lamb Chops, Lemon Posset, Chargrilled and Roasted Pork Loin with Rosemary and Red wine sauce, Banana and White Chocolate Spring rolls with Vanilla Ice cream…. You get the picture! 
Enjoying all of this for a two night stay for two out of season will be Heather Scott who is our monthly draw winner.  Whoop whoop, come and enjoy!
 Late news flash.... there is a possibility of snow from Thursday...!
Well, that’s all for now, we wish you warm and happy days and hope to see you soon. 

Tel 0582230274
Oh dear ... this is what happens when you forget to turn the sprinkler off overnight... at least it was a magnificent photo op for guests...!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

News from the farm in July..

We were hoping that this newsletter might end up being the white edition with all the snow forecasts flurrying around.  However to this point, it is still the sepia edition coming from the golden brown Eastern Free State. Although not my favourite season, the colours of the sandstone mountains with the golden corn rows has a specific beauty all of it’s own.
We recently woke to the sad news that our beautiful stallion Ponty had died in the night. He was a character of note, full of mischief, a magnificent ride and gentle with children. He loved doing a detour through the apple orchard, and was the only horse to have ever joined guests for tea in the summerhouse.  He was much photographed and a large part of Wyndford's story, we will all miss him. On a happier note…
Imagine this…. Megg is stabled for the night. Fresh straw, food, water, teff bag… on checking that she is settled… we discover that she is in a stall with no food, no straw, no water. It needs sorting – immediately! On returning – she is in a different stall yet again – now we are starting wonder and then watch as she expertly limbo dances under the poles from stall to stall. Never a dull moment!

I have wondered how, if you are hoping to survive you might just happen to have an orange and an egg in your pocket? Well, bring the kids to join our survival and adventure weekend to find out important things like how to cook said egg in the orange - over a fire you have started from scratch.  Other interesting activities and fun projects to take place over the weekend of the 18 – 20 August 2017, give us a call to find out more 0582230274 or email
We have a special coming up for the 4 day period between 28 – 31 July 2017 – minimum two nights stay for a massive 40% off. Round up the family (a 40th anniversary, 4th or 40th birthdays or just for fun!)… you never know – the snow might just make an appearance!  T&C’s do apply.  Call us now so as not to miss this!

And then, congratulations go to Gillian Sherratt on being our monthly draw winner, we look forward to welcoming you to Wyndford for your two night stay for two.

Well, that’s all for now, we wish you warm and happy days and hope to see you soon. 
Tel 0582230274
In my long running duel with the Dassies at the gate... it seems we have discovered one plant they do not like to eat!